• Top Dressing

  • Every home owner dreams of having a healthy lawn. It is perfect for lounging and great for games and cookouts. It also adds great value to your home. To realize the benefits of a healthy lawn, quality maintenance is key. As the best lawn and garden service company, we deliver high quality maintenance service to make sure that your home gets the best look through well tended lawns and gardens.

    One of the practices involved in lawn maintenance is top dressing. A thin layer of material is placed on an established lawn to promote growth of healthy grass. It is important to know how to top dress your lawn properly so that the best results are achieved.

    How top dressing is done
    The top dressing applications should be light. It should not exceed half an inch at a time. Thicker applications can damage the lawn by shading the grass and stunting its growth. If top dressing is aimed at changing the medium of growth, compost or other types of organic matter such as top soil should be used. Frequent applications of these materials gradually change the growing profile. For most average lawns, compost is preferred to other organic materials as it improves the overall structure and fertility of the soil thus reducing the need for fertilizers. Screened top soil can also be used, but it should be similar in texture to the native soil. Caution should be taken when using top soil for top dressing; not to choose soil that is finer in texture than the native soil.

    Benefits of top dressing
    - It helps lawns to quickly recover from physical damage
    - It controls thatch and reduces disease incidence
    - A top dressing program can be used to improve the structure of the root zone
    - Top dress is sometimes used to fill gaps in grass

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