• Testimonials

  • It is with great pleasure for me to recommend Macare lawn and Garden for lawn care and winter clearing of snow. Macare also looks after spraying for weeds, pruning trees, etc. I am the past President and Treasurer of the Horizon Village condo association in the City of Lloydminster. I was on the board for 6 years. My wife and I have lived in this complex for 12 years. We have been through a few landscapers, and found Macare to far exceed the accepted level of landscaping we expected. Jody does everything here, and has done a fantastic job. Until Macare started here, there were constant complaints about the landscaping, since Macare started, we have only had complements. This is a 45+ condominium corporation, with 32 units, so it certainly is a complement to the work of Macare that we now have comments of how great a job and how wonderful our complex is now that Macare in looking after it. Macare will be the landscaper of choice as long as we can keep them. You can contact me anytime for a more detailed reference.

    Rating: Richard Galloway - Past President - Horizon Village

  • Macare Lawn & Yard Care Maintenance has been providing services to Libbie Young Centre since September 30. 2014. During this time Jody and his crew have always been professional, approachable and competent. We have an open line of communication and Jody is always willing to accommodate our requests or inform us of any changes or concerns. He is committed to completing the job in a timely matter and efficiently.

    Rating: Tammy Klotz - Executive Director - Libbie Young Centre