• Spring Cleanup

  • Maintaining a clean and beautiful lawn at your home might be a challenge but this should not worry you anymore. Undertaking a spring cleanup should no longer give you headaches as a homeowner as we are here to help you do some home improvement. We understand that your lawn says so much about you as this is the first thing visitors see when they come visiting. We are a lawn care company who have been in the business for several years, and we got the experience and the professionals you need to ensure that your lawn stays smart, clean and always green.

    We undertake all the spring cleanup activities and have got the right tools and equipment for each spring cleaning job that you want done on your lawn. All our services get performed by professionals who are qualified and are experts in lawn care and maintenance. Above all that, our prices are very competitive in the market, and we are always reliable whenever you need us. You can get us in whatever season of the year for to ensure that no season gets you unprepared. We also offer free advice to our clients on matters to do with lawn maintenance.

    There are many reasons you should engage us for the spring cleanup activities on your lawn. Our spring cleaning includes the following activities that will ensure your garden is beautiful and evergreen.

    We do dethatching of lawns with machines that are of professional standards and we normally do it in autumn or spring. We ensure we remove the thatch from your lawns and hence your lawn can thicken up and be stronger. We then sweep the garden using a lawn sweeper after dethatching.

    We also do aeration that involves the perforation of the soil with small holes so as to allow water,air, and nutrients penetrate the roots of the grass so as to have a beautiful and healthy lawn. We undertake aeration during the growing season to ensure that your grass heals and fills any open areas.

    To have a perfect and beautiful view of your lawn, you can contact us to undertake your sidewalk or driveway edging. Our experts will perform both the front and back edging of the sidewalk. So as to ensure your lawn stays healthy, we also do fertilize of the lawns.

    Other spring cleanup activities we undertake but at an extra cost include shrub and hedge trimming to give them a beautiful look. You can also contact us for picking up leaves but when there are many leaves from fall to get picked, the cost is much more but affordable. We also do sprinkler blowouts before the winter to prevent water from freezing during winter.

    In case you are looking for a firm to take care of your lawn, you can come to us, and we shall leave your garden looking beautiful and green.