• De-thatching

  • Do you want to enjoy a healthy-looking and thick lawn in your compound? Well, while this might be your desire, achieving great results might not be possible if your grass is weighed down by excess debris as this prevents it from getting the much needed water and nutrients. Thatch can ruin your grass growth progress and therefore it is important to consider professional dethatching services to minimize or eradicate the damage on your lawn. 

    Macare offer's professional and cost-effective dethatching services thus removing unhealthy accumulation of thatch to help save your grass and facilitate for easier and healthier growth. As a lawn care company in Lloydminster, we employ a professional procedure known as core aeration to cut through the layer of debris safely thus recreating the best environment for your lawn to grow healthy. 

    We help maintain the maximum allowable amount of thatch in your lawn so as to help the grass maintain the necessary resistance against pests, diseases, growth and lively color. In so doing, your grass can be reached by sunlight, water, air and fertilizer, elements which are essential for lawn health. We use aeration procedures in our dethatching services thus allowing your grass to enjoy fresh breath and grow strong; giving you not only the desired appearance but also the right texture.

    Our dethatching services will help you experience results quickly. We normally help stimulate grass growth naturally, improve air and moisture flow using efficient tools that are generally gentle on the grass. Throughout the process, we will help create an environment that is pest and disease resistant thus giving you long lasting results. We also offer other spring cleaning services such as driveway/sidewalk edging, fertilizing, shrub and hedge trimming and picking of the huge amount of leaves that fall on your compound thus leaving it looking untidy. We apply properly timed treatments to help prevent against lawn stress. 

    All our services are offered at affordable rates and we can provide you with free estimates to help you plan for the process. As leaders in lawn care, we will handle all your dethatching needs professionally and naturally without endangering the health of your environment. Contact us today and enjoy a beautiful lawn inexpensively.