• When it comes to your lawn, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for a spring clean up or just a basic trim, choose Macare because we care!

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  • Maintain your beautiful yard with our landscaping services! We are proud to partner with you in creating the backyard of your dreams! 

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  • Have our team of professionals install your new sprinkler system and save yourself the time and hassle! We can install sprinklers on lawns of any size.

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  • We get a lot of snow around here! Don't shovel it all yourself! We would be pleased to keep your sidewalk and driveway clear all winter.

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  • Macare Lawn & Yard Care - Lloydminster's Top Lawn Care Professionals

    Save yourself the time and hassle of maintaining your own lawn by entrusting it us here at Macare. We've been proud to offer commercial and residential mowing and trimming services to Lloydminster and the surrounding area for the past several years. Our “calling card”, so to speak, is in our attention to detail, our history of making sure your lawn looks great after we're finished with it and our experience in providing your lawn what it needs to stay healthy.

    Our busiest seasons are in the spring and fall when Lloydminster's looking for spring and fall yard clean-ups. We excel at taking your old, dead looking yard  in the springtime and preparing it to look beautiful all summer long! Included in our spring clean-ups are mowing of your yard, raking to remove the dead grass and pruning/cleanup of your trees, bushes and flowerbeds to ensure your yard looks great.

    In addition to our lawn care services, here at Macare we also offer sprinkler installations as well as sprinkler blowouts. Blowing out your sprinkler system is very important to prevent the lines from freezing and splitting during the winter.  And speaking of winter, we also provide residents of Lloydminster with sidewalk and driveway snow removal so that  your 'yard' is cared for a year round.

    Whatever lawn service you're looking for, Macare Lawn & Yard Care is the your best bet for professional lawn maintenance. And remember, “Choose Macare Because We Care”!

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • Whether you're looking for a one time mow or a full season contract, give us a call!

  • Have weeds taken over your lawn? Our weed spraying team will take them out!

  • Prepare your lawn for a beautiful summer with our aeration services as part of a spring clean up.

  • Removing the old dead grass from your lawn allows new grass to grow back thicker and fuller!

  • Your grass will grow best if you give it the nutrients it needs! We use only top of the line fertilisers.

  • Keep the soil in your yard healthy with our top dressing services.

  • Planting new grass every spring is important to grow the thick beautiful lawn you want!

  • Adding wetting agents to your lawn allows your grass to better absorb water.